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DIY Dropcloth Curtains

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I have to admit that this project was not my idea. My coworker had just built her new house and was looking for a cheap, yet stylish way to add some curtains and privacy to her new living room. She mentioned seeing “drop cloth curtains” online and to be honest, I thought she was crazy! After doing some researching on my own, I decided to give these babies a try. I decided to add some curtains to the large window I had above my bathtub. Bath time for me every night is a must, so I wanted to make it my own little oasis. In this post, I will show you the materials I used and the 3 very simple steps that I took to create my own drop cloth curtains!


Materials Used:

2 SuperTuff Drop Cloths (4ft. x 8ft.) – You can find these here.

Blue Painter’s Tape

2 foam paintbrushes

Folk Art – Sky Blue Acrylic Paint




Step 1: Bleach the drop cloths.  

The reason I chose to do this is because it made the drop cloth fabric softer and it lightened the color. I used an entire bottle of Clorox bleach for this step and it was the most time consuming.

To bleach the drop cloths, fill up your washer with hot water and about 3 cups (at least) of bleach. I basically used half of the bottle. Once you have done this, add your drop cloths and make sure they are fully submerged in the water/bleach mixture and let this sit overnight.

The next day, let the load finish running without adding any detergent. Instead of throwing the drop cloths in the dryer I repeated this process. The only difference the second time around was that I only let it sit for about 2 – 3 hours instead of overnight. I ran the load again without any soap. After this second load was finished, I ran the washer like a normal load of laundry. I used my Tide detergent and washed the drop cloths then threw them into the dryer when they were finished.

The drop cloths came out much more pliable and a lighter shade of cream!


Step 2: Iron the drop cloths.

This step is totally optional as well. But my OCD self looked at the drop cloths that came out of the dryer and was not satisfied.


Step 3: Tape off an area that you would like to paint.

Before I started painting, I taped the curtain down to my floor to prevent it from moving. Make sure to have something plastic underneath so the paint doesn’t bleed through the drop cloth! I then used the painter’s tape to tape off 3 lines that I wanted to add some color to. I absolutely LOVE blues and greens and decided that the blue would be a nice pop of color in my future oasis.

I used my foam brushes to generously add paint to make 3 stripes on each curtain. I let them each dry and then they were ready to hang!!

The total process took me about 2 full days. Like I said at the beginning though, the most time consuming part of the whole process was bleaching/washing the drop cloths. This was the finished product:

I hope you enjoy!


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